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it from -- >> mr. courtney, without objection, that will be the order. all right, dr. jackson, now you can legally speak. >>> thank you. when i saw this on the calendar, and i read a, i would like -- if staff is here, you have in front of you, i think it's the thier group, who is that? i just wanted information as to who this group is if needed for community and outreach services. who are these people? who are the groups? >> so, holley thier who is out in the audience, he du a lot of the project labor agreement and also help with the small businesses in the region. so, she has been involved in a lot of contracts with the puc. * so, she provides a lot of services, especially in the region. >>> then another question, since i don't know who she is. in the discussion that has been going on, the problems that dealing about the jobs, you know, the contracts and things, and i mentioned this previously. it's a sad situation that this, as large as this city is and concern that goes on in the city that there is not one city department that has a state certified or federal certified compliance offic
any other question? >>> mr. courtney? >>> i'm going to take the liberty and go into the presentation if i may can i get into one of the documents. >> whatever you want. >>> so i see here a document that is i believe fourth in a series of organizational charts. it's libel and i don't have my glasses but it's one 72 out of 442. it's the program that maximizes green jobs page and it has the three color coordinated references public over site and control, peck sector innovation and implementation and maximize local green -- would you speak belief on the maximized local green jobs as it relates to the
courtney. >> thank you, mr. president. first of all, thank you for all of that reading material. [laughter] >> i was looking for things to do. and actually, i think your characterization of it was very helpful. it is a -- what's being proposed is a paradigm shift. that takes us perhaps out of our comfort zone, but that's what we need to look at. that's not a bad thing. it's just it is very good and very different. and the challenges of it, i what just beginning to appreciate as i was going through that. retail electrical generation puts me in mind if there were suggestions from time to time that instead of improving treatment at our water treatment plants, we should put water treatment facilities under every sink in the city. and it's somewhat similar to that. and the logistical demands of how you do that in various -- not all sinks are the same. not all property owners are the same. how you service that with a work force that is limited the number of trucks. that sort of thing. it's a very different proposal and that's the kind of thing i think you're working out and i don't want to rush
to thank mr. courtney for asking the citizens advisory committee to weigh in on that outreach to non-english speaking communities. we did that in november and had -- we probably won't be providing a resolution or anything formal. we have the draft minutes, the notes from our discussion that i think may be helpful, kind of the highlights. there were five points that were interesting. art jensen in the back of the room had my favorite. keep it simple. i think the bigger the [speaker not understood] the longer the message, the more difficult it is to translate to other languages. there is an existing sfpuc emergency response plan that is in multiple languages. the idea is maybe to draw on that as a blueprint of some sort as the outreach for the community choice aggregation communication happens. one of our members mentioned there is a department of education, the public's -- i think it's the public school has a newsletter that comes out in six or seven languages and that may be something good to draw on just as the main languages to look at. the idea from one of of our members is if th
their children. >> mr. courtney, i'd like to think republicans can't ignore that kind of testimony, but 179 of them just ignored the victims of hurricane sandy. how do you get a few good republicans to help pass legislation that will make this country safer? >> well, clearly what happened with sandy and frankly what happened with every sort of other sort of flash point over the last two years is that president obama engaged public opinion. he did it with student loans, he did it with hurricane sandy, he did it with the fiscal cliff. they obviously originated measures in the senate. because the house right now because of that dysfunctional caucus, the republican caucus is incapable of originating anything that has a prayer of becoming law. and that we used that process to basically shake those votes loose. of those individuals who again, i have talked to numbers of republicans privately in the wake of newtown who care about this. you know, there really are people on the other side of my aisle who i think we can work with this on this. and again, common sense measures about making existing la
congress really has to treat this as an issue that all of us are responsible for. >> and yet, mr. courtney, no everyone shares your view. we know that some on the right bristle even at the slightest discussion of some form of gun control. here is senator ted cruz, who represents texas, of course houston is in texas, where today's shooting took place. here he is on monday's "meet the press." >> what i don't think is constructive is what the president is doing right now, which is within minutes of that horrible tragedy in newtown, the president began trying to exploit that tragedy to push a gun control agenda that is designed to appeal to partisans, designed to appeal to his political partisans. >> so, congressman, are we exploiting today's shooting again by discussing it or is it a fact of life that every single day this kind of incident happens and we could fill our hour every day with these incidents? >> you know, the president has been in office for years. there have been horrible shootings in aurora, the sikh temple in wisconsin -- >> the shopping mall in oregon. >> right. so the fact t
. the chair recognizes the gentleman from connecticut, mr. courtney, for one minute. mr. courtney: thank you, mr. speaker. when hurricane sandy struck on october 29 in eastern connecticut's long island sound with 90-mile-per-hour winds and high tide, it created a path of destruction never seen before. homes were wiped out, utility infrastructure was wiped out, transportation infrastructure was wiped out but what was to inspiring about it was the first responders acted, police, fire, coast guard, governors of connecticut, local and municipal official, they acted. in the weeks since then, the senate has act. president obama declared an emergency on october 30. the department of homeland security act the only place that hasn't acted is the house of representatives. which last night in the dark of the night the speaker announced he was abandoning the people of northeastern america and allowing the hurricane sandy relief bill to die. that is unacceptable. the people who acted, the first responders, the care givers, the local official, they deserve better and the local officials, members of congre
, the gentleman from connecticut is recognized for one minute. >> thank you, mr. speaker. mr. courtney: always prepared. that is the motto of the coast guard academy which is located in new london, connecticut, which on october 29 was hit by 85-mile-per-hour winds and high tide at the height of hurricane sandy. it covered the entire lower half of the campus, wiped out their sailing center, which is the center that cadets must train on for four years as part of the core mission of the coast guard academy, to enhance and focus on their maritime skills. and that is part of the submission by the coast guard for relief in the hurricane sandy bill which we are going to debate and vote on shortly. unfortunately the rogers-bass bill cut the coast guard's money in half so that coast guard facilities in new jersey and new york, but also the coast guard training facility in new london, connecticut, which protects all of our coast alomar time country is going to be damaged and affected. we must, a, pass the rule, b, pass the rogers amendment, but, c, most importantly pass the frelinghuysen amendment which
have a motion to table item number five. motion to file item number five. mr.clerk, are there any other items. >> that completes the agenda. >> okay, seeing there's no other business. meeting is adjourned. . >> meeting will come to order. role call please. president torres, vice president courtney commissioner moran here and commissioners are on their way. approval of minutes item number three gentlemen have you have you had a time to look at the minutes. >>> i have two items. as well as -- my lex if we could just check the names of the public speakers? thank you? . >> for which i am. >> student: gentlemen comment? general public comment, thank you all right anything else? . >> is there a motion, so moved. >> moved by commissioner court eand seconded by commissioner moran and all in favor signify by saying aye. aye. >> motion is carried. public comment? mr. allen? >>> welcome. >> hi good afternoon commissioners i have a few questions that i would like to ask, the first question is to the chair through the city attorney at the december 11 commission meet commission
. courtney dasher is tuna's owner. good morning, courtney. >> hi! >> he has gone viral online because he looks like a certain simpson's character? >> yes, he does, montgomery burns. i don't know if you can see his teeth. >> oh, my gosh. >> release mr. burns. how did you discover this? >> his look? >> yeah. >> i got him at a farmer's market and when i first saw him, i knew that he had a different look, but he didn't have teeth at the time. and then over a period of time he started growing his teeth and i just knew he looked like a cartoon character. >> tuna has something like 130,000 followers on twitter. >> he does. >> he is on instagram. when did this blow up for you? >> he has a blog tuna melts my heart. play on words but he is melting people's hearts. i'm shocked at how much they love him. >> why don't you hang around? >> see your best tuna face. send it in to us. just ahead, exotic animals. u so. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. u so. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally
. that would be maggie smith, who gets a chance to play both caustic and romantic. tom courtney, billie connelly and pauline collins costar.all wonderful characters. theres a bit of masterpiece theatre here.and all charming, whimsical drama. billy connelly is funny as always.though mrs. brown reminds us of his acting. hoffman lets each star shine with delicasy and charm. not a penetrating look at aging, but like the best exotic marigold hotel, a chance to relate and identify. at a time of violentand bloody movies. this is one to see to remind us of movies that connect and make us care. marty? >> let's take a quick look outside this morning. let's check in for your first forecast. live look outside at heavenly valley this morning. cloudy today. with scattered showers this morning. then isolated showers this afternoon. snow in higher elevations. highs 42 to 47. 50s through oakland. taking a look at the satellite and radar. we have weather pushing and with spotty showers. mainly expecting cooler temperatures. as we track and for this afternoon. and the weekend, most of that merger will st
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)